Are the Americans frustrated by the financial system’s inequality?

Why 2023 might be a good year for the crypto world.

According to a recent poll, 20% of American adults presently hold cryptocurrencies, and an astounding 80% of them think that individuals with “strong interests” are favored by the financial system. For the best crypto casinos of March 2023, CasinoDaddy is the website for you!

The February online survey of more than 2,000 American adults, commissioned by cryptocurrency exchange media, revealed that 80% of respondents believed that the global financial system unfairly favors powerful interests, while 67% demanded “major changes” or a “complete overhaul” of the financial system.

Morning Consult, a business intelligence company, conducted the study to see how American adults and crypto investors felt about the future of the cryptocurrency market and exchanges as well as how they perceived how the global financial system was perceived.

It was discovered that 20% of respondents stated they still possess cryptocurrency, and over a third said they plan to acquire, sell, or trade cryptocurrency in the upcoming year, despite recent FUD and negative news coming out of the cryptocurrency market.

According to Morning Consult, the figures have been stable since January 2022, fluctuating between 17% and 20% during the previous 12 months, indicating that the current market upheaval may not have affected US retail investor confidence in cryptocurrencies.

“There is reason to be optimistic about crypto’s future. Universally, Americans are frustrated by the inequality in the financial system and are hungry for change,” wrote the Consult recently. Casino Banner

The interest in cryptocurrencies among young folks is still high. According to the poll, 30% of Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) and 36% of Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2013) presently hold cryptocurrency.

Also, it was shown that minorities were more likely to have a positive opinion of cryptocurrencies and be upbeat about their future. The majority of current cryptocurrency investors (65%) feel that the market’s finest days are still to come, and 76% still think that blockchain and cryptocurrencies represent the future.

​​Several market analysts predict that when China starts to regard cryptocurrencies more favorably, the next bull run will begin. Nonetheless, the poll revealed that if exchanges were more reliable and safe, more Americans would be interested in participating.

67% of the general public identified safe and dependable exchanges as being crucial. In contrast, 91% of cryptocurrency investors agreed that the crypto sector needs a reliable, safe platform.

Between February 10 and February 14, Morning Consult polled 2,202 American citizens nationwide and 500 American cryptocurrency investors as part of the survey.

Author: Bobby Parker