Aubameyand’s rocky career and why he has a lot left to prove

Aubameyand's rocky career and why he has a lot left to prove

At one point, it appeared as though Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang would become Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal’s talisman, but now he represents the chaotic era the Gunners seem to be moving behind. The World Cup is just around the corner. If you want to be prepared then check out our website for amazing casino bonuses!

The goal of Aubameyang’s new three-year contract with Arsenal, which he signed in September 2020 for an initial weekly salary of £250,000 plus hefty add-ons, is to become an Arsenal legend and perhaps leave a legacy. He undoubtedly left a legacy, even though it is more nuanced than anyone could have anticipated at the time.

Aubameyang transitioned from captain to castaway when his relationship with Arteta gradually deteriorated. He was expelled, shunned, and given permission to join Barcelona on a free transfer in February. He stayed there for six months before returning to London, thinking he could play for Thomas Tuchel, one of his former managers who still thought highly of him. However, the German was fired by Chelsea six days later.

The 33-year-old will meet Arteta and the team for the first time when the Blues take on Arsenal at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. There is a 10-point gap between the two teams, therefore it was believed that Arteta’s absence would benefit the team. There are still traces of the time period. Yes, the tattoos are. Because of the intensity of emotion and the quickness of change, Aubameyang will probably start this weekend’s match wearing Chelsea’s No. 9 shirt and sporting an image of himself and his two children sporting Arsenal’s No. 14 as a tattoo on his right arm.

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By the end of his tenure at Arsenal, even body art was a source of conflict. In February 2021, there were rumors that Aubameyang had violated COVID-19 rules by having a tattoo on his hand. This was just one of several disciplinary incidents that slowly damaged Aubameyang’s reputation inside the team. At the time, sources told ESPN that a string of minor infractions undercut the professionalism Arteta was expecting from his team, not one major incident that led Arsenal to trade Aubameyang.

For amazing sports betting offers check out our pages where we offer only the best for our viewers. Aubameyang was allegedly involved in a number of offenses, including missing a drug test, arriving late for numerous meetings, and, as one source described it, routinely asking for time away from the group. There was a perception inside the club that he was not sufficiently committed and was also running the risk of COVID-19 issues due to his greater travel, even though some of that was compassionate leave to visit his ill mother, Margarita. Although he is generally seen as a gregarious and well-liked person, his flashy cars and extravagant lifestyle can be controversial, especially for people who value discipline and humility.

Arteta was merciless when it came to breaking things up. Aubameyang lost his position as captain in December was made to train alone and was then given permission to transfer for free. Aubameyang was unforgiving. A recent video from his early days in Barcelona shows the 33-year-old giving Arteta a scathing review.

In the wake of Arteta’s remarks, Aubameyang has stated that he is no longer affiliated with them, saying: “I still had a lot of bad feelings in me — Arsenal are doing great things this season and I wish all my old guys well, just not on Nov. 6.” Casino Banner

The cost of allowing Aubamayeng to leave was enormous. Arsenal failed not to find a replacement, and with just Alexandre Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah available, the Gunners were lacking in offensive options and almost missed qualifying for the Champions League.

However, the team believed that the longer-term cultural change that Arteta had brought about was worth the short-term risk, and this season, after a savvy investment in the summer, that belief is paying off. Gabriel Jesus, who sets the tone for Arsenal in a nearly opposite manner from Aubameyang, has helped the Gunners to the top of the Premier League. While Aubameyang frequently contributed only one goal, Jesus presses relentlessly, creating space and opportunities for others through his relentless running and shrewd movement.

Jesus’ seven-game goalless streak is troubling, but it is outweighed by what he does for the team as a whole. Nearly all of Aubameyang’s contributions were measured in goals. His 79 games played made him the fastest player in Arsenal history to score 50 Premier League goals, and his decisive play helped the team win the 2020 FA Cup, which was a major factor in why he received such a huge contract later that year. But when his impact diminished after signing that contract, he scored 13 goals in 43 league games. This made it a little easier for some Arsenal supporters to accept Aubameyang’s departure. Still, the striker now has an opportunity to disprove any claims that he was in chronic decline in this weekend’s match.

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Aubameyang was most efficient for Arsenal when playing off the left wing, but Arteta was never really sold on the idea that he would be revitalized if he played through the middle. He’ll probably start as Chelsea’s center forward on Sunday.

After a tumultuous year, Aubameyang thought that reteaming with Tuchel would usher in tranquility. In the midst of the argument with Arteta, Tuchel praised Aubameyang, recalling their friendship at Borussia Dortmund, when the striker scored 79 goals in 95 games before joining Arsenal in 2018.

Aubameyang’s attitude has also been praised by new Chelsea manager Potter, who also dropped him to the bench for league games against Brentford and Brighton in the past fortnight in consideration of his physical workload as he recovered from a horrifying robbery at his family’s home in Barcelona that left him with a broken jaw. Against Crystal Palace on October 1, Aubameyang scored Chelsea’s lone league goal. Potter will be looking for a response from his team following a humiliating 4-1 loss at his former club Brighton the previous weekend.

Romelu Lukaku, Fernando Torres, and Alvaro Morata, among others, have all underperformed recently, and Aubameyang is the most recent in a long and expensive line of attackers trying to end Chelsea’s alleged “No. 9 curse.” According to sources who spoke to ESPN, Chelsea was interested in signing Aubameyang two years ago, but Arsenal went over and above to keep him on that new contract. Aubameyang has the chance to show everyone why he was once so in demand this weekend.

Author: Bobby Parker