Chelsea’s biggest transfer signings since the club takeover

Chelsea's biggest transfer signings since the club takeover

Because Chelsea appears to be trying to sign every player if a player is ever rumored to be on the transfer market, it means that Chelsea is likely trying to sign that player. Chelsea has already added 12 new players since the summer, which was Boehly’s first transfer window with the organization. It now totals 14 when the loaned-out men are included.

Chelsea was undoubtedly one of the top five or six teams in the world last season. They are not even one of the top five or six teams in their league this season, even with a full roster (and substitutes) of new players added to the mix. For Chelsea’s new owners, things have gone about as horribly as they could, yet there must be a strategy.

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Joao Felix – €11 million loan from Atletico Madrid

In a vacuum, this signature is also acceptable. Money doesn’t appear to be much more than a structural nuisance to the Boehly group at this stage, even though it’s a lot of money for a few months. Because Chelsea is one of the few teams who can afford to make a short-term deal like this, Felix, a very gifted player who may shine with more creative freedom away from Atletico boss Diego Simeone, may find his career takes off. The big question is what are the big goals?

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Christian Pulisic, Raheem Sterling, and Armando Broja are all sidelined to begin 2023, and the squad could certainly use another body up front after struggling with injuries to several important players this season. However, if you believe Felix will push you over some sort of competitive threshold, then snagging him for a few months only makes sense.

Chelsea has a 9% probability of finishing in the top four and a 4% chance of winning the Champions League. They have already lost in the first round of both domestic cups.

Aubameyang – €12 million from Barcelona

The signing of Thomas Tuchel seemed rather obvious. Despite usually playing their best soccer without a designated center striker, the club needed another center forward after the disastrous Romelu Lukaku trade, which sent the Belgian on loan back to Inter Milan.

The biggest red flag that the club’s new owner didn’t know what he was doing, according to reports, was Boehly’s desire in signing Cristiano Ronaldo. Tuchel resisted and was reunited with his old Dortmund employee. Tuchel was then sacked in early September and replaced by Graham Potter, of course.

Naturally, a team with a clear strategy won’t recruit players for a manager they aim to oust after a few months. A team with a clear strategy also doesn’t oust its manager after only a few games. Casino Banner

Kalidou Koulibaly – €38 million from Napoli

Chelsea lost Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen on the defensive side during the summer. Rudiger was possibly one of Europe’s finest XI players last season, whilst Christensen started for extended portions of the year before losing his consistency. Both played key roles for a squad that won the Champions League after being bought for inexpensive prices in their early to mid-20s. On the other hand, Thiago Silva, a free agent who was signed at the age of 36, served as the team’s anchor.

Koulibaly became the second-most expensive 30-plus center back in sports history thanks to Chelsea, who chose not to go down any of those routes. Despite being one of the top defenders in the world while playing for Napoli, the Senegal captain hadn’t logged 3,000 minutes in a season since the 2018–19 campaign. He was a player who, at the age of 31, had already started to lose performance.

Without Koulibaly, Napoli has improved even more, whilst Chelsea has suffered. The Blues, who were formerly one of the top defensive clubs in the world, have only let up the ninth-fewest anticipated goals in the Premier League this year.

Benoit Badiashile – €38 million from Monaco

There are many unknowns when center backs are being scouted. Since no two clubs or systems are similar, it is likely the most difficult position for which to separate individual performance. As a result, each center-back signing takes a significant degree of projection. Badiashile, however, ticks the two boxes that appear to be most indicative of future success in this role: Since he was 17, he has routinely started for a team in one of the Big Five leagues. He is also French.

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Almost every name on this list may be divided into one of two categories: low-risk, low-cost movements with unlikely payoffs, or high-risk, costly plays. Badiashile is the sole person who doesn’t suit either profile given his age and ancestry. He is young, he could make an immediate contribution, he could become a star, and if he doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world. This kind of signature ought to be the norm rather than the exception.

Raheem Sterling – €56.2 million from Manchester City

Sterling had played the most minutes of any Premier League player through age 27 in the Stats Perform database before turning 28 in December, therefore it was unlikely that he would get better after moving from City given his advanced age (which goes back to 2009). Chelsea would then, at best, get the same player that Manchester City possessed. At worst, Sterling wouldn’t even be a viable starter since the minutes would rapidly catch up to him.

Instead, he has come to rest somewhere in the center. Despite the fact that almost all of Sterling’s statistics have decreased this year, he has still been Chelsea’s most productive attacker: his 0.51 non-penalty anticipated goals plus assists per 90 minutes are higher than anybody else’s 0.38. He suffered a hamstring injury last week against Manchester City and is expected to miss a few weeks of action. Casino

Wesley Fofana – €80.4 million from Leicester City

the 25th most expensive player overall and the fourth most expensive defender. Wesley Fofana has only ever started 15 professional soccer league games in a season, despite having the potential to develop into a world-class defense. And there was the odd, empty-stadium 2020–21 season, unlike anything that has come before or after.

Before attempting to get him at all, much less come close to breaking a transfer record to do so, wouldn’t you want to watch him play a whole season following the injury and in front of spectators? Fofana has only appeared in two Premier League games for Chelsea this year due to an injury that has plagued him since October.

There is one uniting factor – overconfidence in your capacity to make tiny bets with large payouts, overconfidence that the odds don’t apply to you, and overconfidence in your ability to pick out the proper players more adeptly than anybody else are all examples of overconfidence.

Despite all of these transfers the big question ahead of Chelsea is whether they will manage to get back to the top of the table with the time they have left.

Author: Bobby Parker