eFootball 2023 Review – the future of football gaming?

eFootball 2023 Review - the future of football gaming?

A new game has been taking the online community by storm. It’s now available to multiple platforms even the latest console releases. The game is called eFootball 2023. The game gives you the opportunity to be a real manager and practice the real side of the football. The game is also perfect for those who wish to understand what it is like to be in the mind of a manager or simply wish to start their sports betting career. On our website, you will be able to find some of the best sports betting casinos on the market.

It’s true that eFootball 2023 is a vast advance over eFootball 2022, but it’s more complicated than that. eFootball 2023 isn’t exactly a brand-new product, which is something we’re used to seeing with sports games launched on an annual basis, so let’s get that out of the way first. With a few gameplay changes thrown in here and there, it’s merely a new “Season” in terms of Events. 2023 is clearly not the game for you if you’re looking for a football game and want something new after playing eFootball 2022.

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You’ll quickly discover that there aren’t many areas in which Konami sufficiently enhanced the game to qualify as a novel experience. However, there are a few places that I’ll discuss that have undergone changes since the launch of the initial free-to-play edition. In our eFootball 2023 review, we’ll see whether things have improved or not if we stick around for a while.

To begin with, the only ways to play eFootball are the same modes that have been accessible for the past few releases. That implies that people who enjoy playing versus the AI offline have few options. In addition to the weekly rotating league challenges (Premier League, La Liga, etc.), there are Starter Events against the AI where you may earn GP and other awards. However, Konami continues to encourage online participation through the use of Worldwide Clubs and League Play. When playing in these modes, you quickly learn that you are always matched against super teams in the lower levels and that the action is incredibly repetitious.

eFootball 2023 is a mixed bag for those of us who appreciate engaging gameplay and gorgeous graphics. I’ll discuss gameplay later, but for now, let’s just talk about the visuals. To put it simply, they continue to disappoint. I have no issues about the player faces and models because they are not the problem here. However, as soon as a match begins, the grass catches my attention because it is of PS3 grade.

Playability is something that Konami takes great pride in. The business that enjoys speaking up in the field has experienced significant swings with each new data point. In terms of gameplay, eFootball has advanced significantly. The Online Performance Test/original release disaster has been improved upon, but for the purposes of this debate, this section will concentrate on Update 2.0’s gameplay.

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It’s a world of difference from the gameplay on the original release day. There is more dusk than sunup as compared to 1.0. In version 1.0, the dribbling that so many people, including myself, adored was nicely balanced with a defense that forced you to play defense by posing timed tasks.
The defense has gained the upper hand in 2.0 Version’s dribbling, which still feels nice mechanically but is countered by strong tackles. It was not only enjoyable but also vital for a few reasons to be able to ride challenges with certain participants. First of all, it assisted you in beating the first guy and creating either space for you to dribble towards a goal or a better passing angle for a forward pass.

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The groundwork has been laid for the future of eFootball. We see Konami improving some of the game’s mechanics (collisions, mobility, etc.) while gradually bringing back PES mainstays like Player ID and ball physics. The game’s foundation and core concepts have already been established. Nowadays, we suppose it’s difficult to find the ideal balance in the sports video game genre. Fans demand gameplay fixes and given the openness that businesses like EA display with FIFA’s Pitch Notes, the fans want to know exactly what was altered so they can create their own conclusions. The future for the company and the gameplay looks quite bright if they manage to deliver for the fans.

Given that the franchise is still relatively new, there are numerous opportunities. Will it continue to be a mobile game with online play as the main focus, as it is now, or will it return to its roots with a richer experience?

Author: Bobby Parker