Giroud’s rise to superstardom in the 2022 World Cup.

Giroud's rise to superstardom in the 2022 World Cup.

The French athletes met in their changing room on Tuesday night shortly after France defeated Poland to celebrate the win and to give Olivier Giroud the proper welcome. With 52 goals in 117 appearances, the number 9 became the all-time leading scorer in French men’s football history around an hour before the game started.

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The AC Milan striker accomplished a remarkable feat, adding a new chapter to his illustrious career while also writing a new page in football history. Though it took some time for Les Bleus to congratulate him. Giroud was chosen for the drug test following the game, so his teammates had to hold off on starting the celebration until he arrived back at the hotel.

Pure joy and pride, as well as relief and exhilaration, coexisted with pure bliss. Nothing can beat Thierry Henry’s 51 goals in 126 appearances for France in the World Cup in front of his family at the age of 36. He’ll save the garment and frame it for later in life. Of course, the French Football Federation will honor him, but for the time being, he is just relishing the accomplishment and the moment.

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Giroud recently said in an interview: “It is incredible, it is a child’s dream to beat Thierry Henry’s record. I am immensely proud. I hope I am still going to score a few more to go as far as possible. Now, I am putting this behind me and my obsession is to go as far as possible with the team. As soon as I scored I thought about my family, my children, and my friends. It is something extraordinary to do this at a World Cup,”

Like the rest of the team, he took Monday off to spend time with his family. Additionally, he began responding to the many messages of congrats he was receiving from friends, teammates, and past teammates. Everyone adores Giroud, and this record serves as evidence of a remarkable career.

When all of the French players posed for a photo wearing their very first club shirts from when they were young earlier last week, there was a sense of destiny. Where it all began, in Savoie, where he was born and raised, Giroud was there with his Forges OFC. He enjoyed playing football at the time. Later, when it started to get more complicated.

Things didn’t go well despite signing with Grenoble, the major regional team that was formerly in Ligue 1 but is currently in the second division. He had to play in lower levels and was only given credit for Montpellier’s 2012 Ligue 1 championship at age 26. Even though he scored a lot of goals and won trophies for Arsenal and Chelsea after moving to England that same summer, he probably didn’t receive the recognition and love he deserved there.

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He joined the likes of Reymond Kopa, Zinedine Zidane, Michel Platini, and Thierry Henry in the pantheon of French footballers on Sunday, though. Yes, Giroud is not as technically gifted as these all-time greats, but he got where he is now through perseverance, hard effort, and belief.

In February 2012, in his third appearance and first start against Germany in a friendly, Olivier Giroud scored his first goal for his country, marking the beginning of everything. He never would have imagined that he would increase his total by 51 at the moment.

He now concentrates on England on Saturday. His nine years in London were wonderful. He loved playing in the Premier League, and his children were born in the city. His career took off at that point. Will he have something to argue for? Does he harbor resentment and bitterness? He believes he has nothing more to show after winning the World Cup, the Champions League, the Europa League, the league in two separate nations (France and Italy), four FA Cups, scoring 258 goals in 640 professional games, and now holding this record.

All he wants right now is to take advantage of his glittering career’s last months and years.

Author: Bobby Parker