LGCA Strengthens Cooperation with ULIS to Combat Match-Fixing

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The battle against match-fixing continues to gain momentum as the Lithuanian Gambling Control Authority (LGCA) takes a significant step forward in its partnership with the Union of Lottery and Sports Betting (ULIS). Since May 2018, these two organizations have collaborated under a cooperation agreement. Now, the LGCA has officially become an associate member of ULIS, further strengthening their alliance and enhancing their joint efforts to combat match-fixing. This strategic move allows for the exchange of crucial information concerning suspicious sports and betting patterns within the extensive ULIS partner network.

Shared Objectives and Values:

LGCA director Virginijus Dauksys expressed his enthusiasm for this new phase of collaboration, emphasizing that both the LGCA and ULIS are driven by the same objectives, values, and commitment to eradicating the menace of match-fixing. By combining their expertise and resources, they aim to ensure the integrity and fairness of sports competitions, protecting the interests of both athletes and bettors alike.

Unveiling the Power of Data:

The partnership with ULIS provides the LGCA with invaluable data and information, empowering them to meticulously investigate various sports events taking place within the country. This data acts as a crucial element in their national-level investigations, enabling them to identify suspicious patterns and potential instances of match-fixing. By leveraging the extensive network of ULIS partners, the LGCA can access a broader range of information, expanding its scope and strengthening its ability to combat this pervasive issue.

Tackling Match-Fixing Head-On:

Match-fixing represents a significant threat to the integrity of sports and the credibility of betting markets. Through their association with ULIS, the LGCA gains an enhanced arsenal to tackle this issue head-on. By staying informed about suspicious sports and betting patterns, the LGCA can proactively identify and address potential instances of match-fixing, safeguarding the fairness and transparency of sporting events in Lithuania.

Engaging Partnerships for Effective Solutions:

Collaboration is key in the fight against match-fixing, and the LGCA’s membership with ULIS demonstrates a commitment to developing strong partnerships. By actively engaging with ULIS and its extensive network, the LGCA establishes an interconnected system of information sharing, promoting a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to tackling match-fixing. Such cooperative efforts ensure that the fight against match-fixing transcends borders and reaches a global scale.

Future Implications:

With this strengthened alliance, the LGCA and ULIS set an example for other regulatory bodies and organizations worldwide. By sharing information and best practices, they pave the way for a more unified front against match-fixing. The cooperation between the LGCA and ULIS serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that by working together, we can create a fair and secure environment for sports and betting enthusiasts.


The LGCA’s official membership with ULIS marks a significant milestone in the ongoing fight against match-fixing. By intensifying their collaboration, these organizations showcase their dedication to upholding the integrity of sports and protecting the interests of stakeholders. Through the exchange of critical information within the ULIS partner network, the LGCA gains a powerful tool in investigating suspicious sports and betting patterns, ultimately working towards eradicating match-fixing at a national level. This partnership stands as a testament to the power of cooperation in overcoming the challenges posed by match-fixing, ensuring that the spirit of fair play prevails in the world of sports.

Author: Bobby Parker