Twitch to ban Notorious Online Casinos after a storm of controversies 

Twitch to ban Notorious Online Casinos after a storm of controversies 

After numerous controversies regarding live streaming of online gambling, Twitch decided to ban well-known online casinos in October, making many streamers and gambling sites concerned. 

Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular, and it has even become the primary income source of many famous streamers on Twitch. Many creators spend hours streaming their gambling sessions in famous online casinos like and Roobet. But, those sites are not licensed in the United States of America, and Twitch plans to ban them in the middle of October, more precisely on 18 October. Twitch has already posted on Twitter an update on gambling on Twitch. Casino

The post has gone viral, and it is causing a lot of creators to be concerned about it. Even though many famous creators have used Twitch to promote high-profile online casinos, this practice has been creating a lot of controversies. A famous personality like Drake uses Twitch to stream his gambling sessions on, an online casino that is not licensed in the US or Canada. 

xQc, a very popular streamer, is another influencer that is well-known for his live streams betting huge amounts of money on video slots. The streamer sometimes bets more than $100K, which has raised controversy and transparency issues. Such huge bets are normally funded by the casino, meaning that the streamer doesn’t spend any of his money, but at the same time, it is a high risk of addiction for the streamer and its audience. And according to the statistics, 20% of Twitter users are between 13 and 17 years old, making them too young to play at online casinos. 

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The big scandal that has probably caused Twitcjer to decide to ban live streaming of online gambling is the controversy regarding ItsSliker, who had borrowed money to bet in online casinos and so far couldnº’t pay the money. The streamer borrowed money from other popular creators but was never told that it was for his vices. When the truth was revealed, many streamers promised to stop creating content until online gambling was banned from twitcher.

ItsSliker has ben honest in talking about his addiction and confesses that gambling has turned him into an ill and evil person and that he will know to go to rehab. Some streamers decide to help him pay the people he owes money to. 

With all these controversies, streamers are already thinking of different alternatives to keep streaming online gambling, as, for many, it is the primary income source. By 18 October, we’ll see how all this will conclude.      


Author: Bobby Parker