What do Ronaldo’s recent comments mean for Man United?

What do Ronaldo's recent comments mean for Man United?

CasinoDaddy evaluation Alejandro Garnacho’s last-second goal against Fulham gave Manchester United the victory, and we should be discussing how they haven’t dropped a game since October 2. It’s all, of course, overshadowed by Cristiano Ronaldo’s shocking interview, in which he claimed that Erik ten Hag had disrespected him and that as a result, he “doesn’t respect” the United manager. For amazing sports betting opportunities, you have arrived at the best website – CasinoDaddy! 

It’s simple to become passionate, and everyone is certainly demonizing Ronaldo at the moment. If not for some improbable 180-degree turn, a player who publicly criticizes his manager and the people running his club is unlikely to ever play for the team again. Even though Ronaldo isn’t “just any player,” the guidelines still apply to him. The fact that he doesn’t approach this from a position of strength is particularly noteworthy.

Last summer, United and Ronaldo’s agent worked to find him a new home. Not because he wasn’t productive—after all, he was the third-highest scorer in the Premier League last season—but more because the club understood they were starting a lengthy rebuilding process and that Ronaldo simply didn’t fit the way Ten Hag played football at Ajax. A year remained on his enormous deal, and at 37, it made little sense for him to stay. 

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The trade never happened mainly because Ronaldo wasn’t willing to take a significant pay cut and United weren’t willing to take a financial blow to let him go, and the clubs who could afford him didn’t want him at all or at anything close to his present price (something they could have done by waiving the transfer fee or simply paying part of the wages owed to him in 2022-23).

Although we are unsure of the specific reason for the delay and who is to blame for Ronaldo being at Old Trafford, it is clear that the club, Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes, and Ronaldo himself are all to blame for the failure to reach a contract. Ten Hag is mostly blameless in this regard despite frequently asserting that Ronaldo was never going to be an issue and expressing his desire for him to stay because, at the time, he was a freshly appointed manager with very little influence and was therefore unable to make demands of anyone.

That is the apparent starting point in this situation, therefore nobody should be completely astonished by how events transpired. Unhappy, for sure. Not surprised. least of all Mendes, who has been representing Ronaldo for years and has had a nightmare few months.

By conducting an illegal interview, did Ronaldo violate club policies? Definitely, sure. Was he disrespectful of his superiors and acting out of line? Yes, and like many others, I believe Ten Hag has every right to never choose him again. We all expected him to say something about how he felt, so I don’t believe what surprised us is what he actually said. We have a fairly good understanding of his personality because of his 20 years in the spotlight, and this is exactly how we anticipate him to feel. (In fact, the only thing that surprised me was that he had to look up Ralf Rangnick because he had never heard of him.) 18Bet is one of the best casinos that we currently offer. Make sure to check it out. 

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The surprise is that he publicly stated what most people believed he was contemplating. Because we don’t anticipate highly compensated professional players with contracts to act in that manner.

Why did he do it, then? Was it in order to leave United? He didn’t need to go and spend hours talking to Piers Morgan to get that effect, as you might imagine.

Was it to reassure the club’s supporters of his affection and to saturate them with information about the situation at United? Maybe, but if so, it would be the nth example of someone giving him advice (and it can’t just be Mendes) misreading the situation. He had a terrible misunderstanding of how people would respond if it were genuine: They don’t need Ronaldo to reaffirm what they already know after a decade of failures and frustrations. Additionally, they are more offended by an act of blatant disobedience like this one than by the fact that the jacuzzi at the practice field hasn’t been upgraded in ten years.

Our best assumption is that he did it to get his thoughts straightened out before the World Cup and to avoid having this kind of doubt loom over him. He dealt with it after Qatar 2022, and you can assume that he now accepts the likelihood that he won’t play for United again. His entire mental effort may now be directed toward Portugal and its attempt to win the World Cup.

Author: Bobby Parker