What to expect from next season

What to expect from next season

On Sunday, the Bahrain Grand Prix will mark the beginning of the 2018 Formula One season. Here are some responses to the season’s most crucial questions to get you up to speed on all you need to know before the first race and afterward. For the best sports betting casinos of March 2023, make sure to check out CasinoDaddy’s pages!

The Chinese Grand Prix’s cancellation and the decision not to replace it reduced this year’s planned record of 24 races to 23, which still stands as the most events in one season. There are just 15 weekends between the opening race in Bahrain and the last event on November 26.

The last race, the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix on November 18, is the best of the lot in terms of scheduling.

No less, down the well-known strip. F1 is now constructing a four-story, 300-square-foot paddock in Las Vegas as part of the daring and unique contract that will add the city to the calendar.

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The championship’s penultimate round, the race, will be distinct. It will occur on Saturday at 10:00 pm local time (1 a.m. ET). The European market race will take place early on Sunday morning.

Vegas seemed destined to become F1’s signature event in the future. The city initially agreed to a three-year contract but has since authorized a proposal to hold a race on the strip for the following ten years to establish a “lifetime in collaboration” with F1.

What are the best races worth looking out for?

For the second race in a 10-year deal, Formula One returns to Miami. The organizers elected to move the F1 paddock onto the pitch of Hard Rock Stadium and have pledged to boost the off-track spectacle for fans. The closest thing to a live-action “Drive To Survive” episode will let viewers observe events from the stands.

The de facto F1 home of America, Austin, will still be on the schedule in October, while fan favorites Monaco, Silverstone (Great Britain), Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium), Monza (Italy), and Suzuka (Japan) will continue to host legendary races.

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Is Max Verstappen the top contender?

Red Bull has the strongest package to begin the season, according to preseason testing. Last year, Verstappen was in fantastic shape and appeared to be unstoppable.

Red Bull’s 10% windtunnel penalty, imposed for violating the cost restriction in 2021, is good news for competitors. Red Bull’s car development during the year may be hindered in comparison to Ferrari or Mercedes because they were previously given the least amount of wind tunnel time owing to winning the championship. This might pave the way for a competitive championship match.

Lewis Hamilton’s last season?

Doubtful, unless Mercedes has a terrible season. If Hamilton wants to sign it, Mercedes has made him a contract offer. His present contract is set to expire at the end of 2023, which has raised the possibility that he would leave, but nothing he has lately said to the media supports that theory.

Eager for a victory, Hamilton still feels deeply wronged by how he lost the 2021 championship. The paddock agrees that he will continue competing for Mercedes beyond this season, even though he failed to win a race last year.

Is Ferarri finally going to put things together?

The senior executives of the organization most definitely wish that. Although previous club manager Mattia Binotto was likable, a lot of things went wrong when he was in charge. His successor, former Alfa Romeo CEO Fred Vasseur, has already demonstrated that he is not afraid to make changes by moving Ferrari’s senior strategist into a factory post before the opening race and filling his pit wall seat with a replacement.

Vasseur has made it plain that F1’s oldest team must continue to develop and get better in every area, even though the strategy wasn’t Ferrari’s sole area of weakness in 2017. Although preseason testing gave an ambiguous impression of the car’s overall performance and raised questions about how it manages its tires, there is optimism that Ferrari was saving something for this weekend’s season opener in Bahrain.

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Star candidates?

American spectators will hope that Logan Sargeant, the first American to compete in Formula One since 2015, establishes a reputation during his maiden season with Williams. Sadly, the truth is that he’s operating a vehicle that, on most weekends, won’t make up to the first qualifying session and will necessitate an exceptional effort to place in the top 10. If he can achieve some successful results, it will only increase the rising interest in Formula One in the United States. Still, Oscar Piastri’s rookie season is a better place to start if you’re searching for the next F1 hero.

The Australian was selected as Daniel Ricciardo’s replacement as early as the summer break of last year after McLaren won a battle for his services in 2023. He will be competing against a very high bar as Lando Norris’ teammate, which might be made even more challenging by the new McLaren MCL60’s allegedly poor performance in testing.

Last but not least on the list of new F1 drivers is Nyck de Vries, the champion of Formula E in 2020–21, who will join AlphaTauri in 2023. The 28-year-old is more experienced than the normal rookie (he is technically not a rookie because he made his Formula One debut with Williams last year), and that comes with experience and the potential to hit the ground running to secure his spot on the grid for next seasons.

Author: Bobby Parker