Xbox and Amazon Are Now Available at the ETN App

Xbox and Amazon Are Now Available at the ETN App

The ETN App has always been focused on being useful in the real world and recently many new and innovative ways to spend their cryptocurrency, Electroneum (ETN), have been introduced. Many popular brands joined the app to allow payments using ETN. The list is long and includes popular brands such as Apple, Playstation, T-Mobile, Orange, and 02.

ETN is continuing to build momentum with new planned projects in the upcoming months and partnerships in the works. Some of the latest brands to join the ETN Global Network are Xbox and Amazon. These two announcements came just days from each other and prove that the crypto market and Electroneum are becoming more popular than ever.


Amazon and Xbox Payments Are Now Available Using ETN 

Ever since its introduction, the ETN App has attracted millions of users worldwide and there are thousands of newly registered members each week. The ETN App offers many benefits such as receiving/sending payments in digital form with almost no fees and using it to cover the cost of essential services, directly from within the ETN App without needing to go anywhere, anonymity, a higher level of security, and ease of use. Using the ETN App businesses are able to store their ETN inside the ETN Wallet, and then use it as they wish, while users can pay their bills and order products using their ETN Balance.

Today there are over 2,300+ merchants such as Apple, Playstation, eBay, and T-Mobile, available on the ETN App in 175+ countries in more than 30+ different categories. Many businesses have already realized what a big opportunity these platforms provide and have joined the ETN Network. Amazon is one of the latest brands to announce a partnership with the Network. This means that everyone registered in the ETN App can now order products directly from Amazon using their wallet balance quickly and securely with no conversion fees!

The Electroneum’s Marketing Manager, Jonathan Marriott recently announced how happy he is to welcome Amazon to the ETN App: “Whilst houses more than 2,000 merchants accepting ETN, today’s announcement has to be one of the most exciting to-date. Amazon, Walmart, and eBay are three of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world and now ETN can be used to purchase products from these three platforms”.

Xbox is another popular brand that has recently joined the ETN Network. Fans of the provider will be now able to pay for their games and subscriptions directly within the ETN App fast without any added fees. Xbox is the latest gaming developer that joins the list of ETN merchants after Playstation announced their partnership in December 2021.


About ETN

The ETN App is one of the most popular mobile phone-based crypto apps. Electroneum (ETN) was launched in 2017 to provide an easy way to send and receive money online, designed primarily for those who are looking for alternative banking solutions. The software is powered by a revolutionary instant payment system that makes lightning-fast transactions every day for the 4.5+ million registered users of the platform. You can use the ETN App to send, receive, and transfer funds securely to over 160+ countries with fees kept to a minimum. There are thousands of transactions made daily rising the app and the list of partners of the app keeps growing every day. 


ETN – What to Expect?

The crypto market is growing rapidly and the predictions are that this will continue well in the future. Electroneum (ETN) is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies nowadays and is one of the most traded digital currencies available at various exchanges online. What makes this cryptocurrency so special is the ETN App that makes it easy to earn, send, and pay, and gives you many different digital payment opportunities.

Apart from Xbox and Amazon, you can find many popular brands that allow payments via ETN using the ETN App. Some of the biggest names you can see on their site include Playstation, Apple, O2, T-Mobile, Orange, AnyTask, many e-commerce shops, local businesses, and more. There are many planned partnerships in the future of the ETN App and we expect to see their list of merchants grow in the future, as well as the number of registered users.


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Author: Bobby Parker